About Us

Wasatch Wind is an independent wind developer focused on wind energy projects in the Intermountain West, US.


Our current pipeline includes wind energy development projects in Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and Idaho. We successfully completed the development of Utah's first commercial-scale wind facility in Spanish Fork in 2008. Our geographically focused approach allows us to become area experts, helping us maneuver efficiently through the policies and processes of energy development in the West. We have a deep understanding of the communities, governments and wildlife in the areas we develop and can effectively work to ensure our efforts are aligned.


The employees of Wasatch Wind share several common threads - the conscious choice to work in the field of renewable energy; a strong drive for success; and the desire to be responsible neighbors and corporate citizens. We're enthusiastic about working with communities and governments to deliver the economic benefits that accompany the generation of homegrown, clean energy. 

Wasatch Wind was founded in 2002. Our headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our favorite part of this business is the landowners. We are able to generate clean energy and simultaneously make a difference in the lives of rural landowners and communities.