Our Team

A group of passionate individuals with decades of applied wind and energy experience. Meet our Executive Team.

Christine Watson Mikell


Christine oversees the development of wind energy projects for Wasatch Wind, and manages the operations of Wasatch Wind. She has worked in the wind energ industry since 2001 and led the development of Utah's first commercial-scale wind facility in Spanish Fork. Prior to Wasatch Wind, Christine worked as an energy engineer for the Utah Energy Office. In this position, Christine launched Utah's wind energy program, to encourage wind energy as a means to create economic development in rural communities throughout the state. She holds a B.E. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from the University of Utah.

Sam Lichenstein

Land Acquisition Manager

Sam manages Wasatch Wind Intermountain's team of land acquisition specialists.Throughout his years in wind development, Sam has managed land acquisition in Texas, Oklahoma, Maine, Kansas and California to acquire more than half a million acres of developable land for close to 1,000 MW of wind energy. Sam has also acquired leases on more than half a million acres of land and over 400 miles of privately owned right-of-way for electrical transmission.

Additional Wasatch Wind team expertise

Additional Project Development Management team; Additional Land Acquisition Specialists team; Environmental permitting and siting; GIS and meteorology; Real Property and Title Specialist; Met tower siting and installation; Engineering and Construction Management; Operations Management; Community and Government Relations.

Our favorite part of this business is the landowners. We are able to generate clean energy and simultaneously make a difference in the lives of rural landowners and communities.