Job creation. State and county revenue. Money for schools and children. Clean air. Community pride.

Responsible Neighbors, Community Partners

During the development process, Wasatch Wind Intermountain works closely with government officials and residents to ensure our efforts are in line with what's important to the community. This can include considerations for activities that are popular in an area, like recreation and hunting; viewshed considerations and cultural and environmental aspects of the area. We are dedicated to being a long-term partner and good neighbor.

Benefits for all

In the summer of 2008, Wasatch Wind completed Utah’s first commercial-scale wind project in Spanish Fork, a small city approximately 50 miles south of Salt Lake City. Spanish Fork now celebrates the wind farm each year with Windfest, an event that draws nearly 20,000 local supporters.

Spanish Fork is just one of many communities around the US that are learning first-hand about the direct and indirect benefits of wind development, including:

Job Growth

A new wind energy project will generate hundreds of jobs during construction and 6-10 well-paying permanent jobs per approximately 50 turbines. Local engineering and construction subcontractors will be needed for concrete and cement, electrical work and gravel quarries, among others. Businesses near the construction site will also benefit from increased local spending.

Revenues for Communities and Schools

Wind farms generate revenue with low incremental cost burdens. Taxes collected from wind farms can be a significant source of revenue each year and much of the tax revenue goes to local school districts. In many rural communities the wind farm may prove to be the single largest revenue stream for the area. With the additional revenue, counties can improve infrastructure and services for the community, like hospitals, fire departments or senior centers.

Keeping Families on their Land

Rural landowners can diversify their income while continuing to ranch and farm around the turbines. Wind development can help rural landowners remain on the land they’ve owned for generations and continue serving their local communities. To read more about how landowners can benefit from wind energy, click here.

The wind farm has become a city landmark. They are an icon of hope and an icon of thinking differently about the future.